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Instructions. Preheat oven to 425 degrees, line a baking sheet with foil, then place a wire rack over top. Spray rack with non-stick baking spray, set aside. In a rectangular dish with sides, whisk together the eggs, hot sauce, worcestershire and buttermilk, set aside KFC chicken strips (bereiding 2 uur!) Get ready to get your hands dirty.. Benodigdheden Karnemelk (500 ml) Kipfilet (ongeveer 250 g, gesneden in repen) 3 eieren Bloem 1 tl uienpoeder 1 tl knoflookpoeder 1 tl paprikapoeder Snufje cayennepeper Zout en peper naar wens En natuurlijk olie om in te bakken In a plastic zipper bag, combine Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, basil, pepper and paprika. Dip chicken strips first in milk mixture, then toss to coat evenly in the breadcrumb/cheese mixture. Place on baking sheets and bake at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes or until golden Lay coated chicken strips on sheet pan. Bake chicken strips for 15 minutes, flip the chicken over, and continue baking for another 5-15 minutes, or until chicken is completely cooked and crisp. Serve with your ranch dressing, ketchup, mustard or favorite dip

Bake the strips/tenders for 13 minutes. Then remove the tenders from the oven and carefully flip the tenders over with tongs. Lightly spray the flipped tenders with the oil. Return the strips/tenders to the oven and bake for 10 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through Pour the Panko in a shallow dish. Dip each piece of chicken in the Panko, turning to coat, and place on the baking tray. Lightly spray the top of the chicken with the cooking spray. Bake for about 20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through Het fijne aan de producten van Kentucky Fried Chicken is dat ze ook heel makkelijk zelf te maken zijn. Ik deel het recept voor KFC's Crispy Strips met je Marinating the chicken in yogurt along with a lots of spices & then slowly cooking in an evenly distributed temperature, makes it aromatic & tender on inside and the high temperatures of the oven /grill give it a crispy texture outside.The grilled option also infuses a smokiness which makes the flavor almost similar to the tandoor cooked version

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  1. Makkelijk te bereiden en lekker pittig: Pulled Chicken, dat is weer eens iets anders dan pulled pork.. Bijvoorbeeld voor op een broodje, als lunch- of hoofdgerecht. INGREDIENTEN. 1 kipfilet 1/2 eetlepel sambal brandal of badjak 1/2 eetlepel ketjap 1 theelepel bruine suiker 1/2 theelepel chili-olie olie zout
  2. in a preheated 400 degree oven. (or until chicken is done and juices run clear). Flip each strip over during the last 5
  3. Remove the chicken tenders, but do not rinse them. Place tenders in a Ziplock type bag, or a glass dish. Add enough Italian Dressing to fully cover the tenderloins. Close the bag, toss the chicken tenders to fully coat. Refrigerate overnight or longer if possible. When ready to fry, setup your dredging station. Place 2 cups flour in a small container
  4. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Pour the melted butter in a 7 x 9 baking pan. Dip each chicken strip into the beaten egg, roll it in the potato flakes, and place in the baking pan. If you want to add salt and pepper, this is a good time to do it

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Je kan zelf kipnuggets maken van kipfilet of kippendij. Ik kies liever voor kippendij omdat het vlees iets vetter is en dus minder droog wordt. Wil je ook zelf kipnuggets maken dan vind je hieronder mijn recept voor kipnuggets. Uit de oven, de koekenpan of de frituur. Tip: omdat kipnuggets maken zo makkelijk is kan je er prima mee experimenteren Try this very tasty baked chicken tenders recipe. Make oven-baked chicken tenders that you'll enjoy just as much as deep fried tenders, the trick is to add b.. Chrispy Chicken Seasoning Mix Met de Crispy Chicken seasonig mix maak je eenvoudig krokante stukjes kip. Heerlijk in een wrap, in een salade of als hapje bij de borrel.. Ingrediënten. Maïsvlokken, rijstmeel, zout, specerijen en kruiden (ui, komijn, oregano, cayennepeper), gistextract, kruidenextract (paprika) As a teenager, my favourite thing to order off of any menu was the classic chicken tenders and fries. It didn't matter which restaurant I was at, I wanted to try those juicy strips. My friends would make so much fun of me, as they could always guess what my order would be. Now fast forward 15 years later, and here I am making my very own baked crispy chicken strips

Preheat oven to 400˚F (200˚C). Cut chicken breasts into strips and season with salt and pepper. In a re-sealable plastic bag, combine flour, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and Italian seasoning. Add the seasoned chicken strips into the flour mixture and seal the bag. Shake until the chicken strips are well coated with the flour mixture Feb 22, 2018 - Explore Cindy Bays's board Chicken Strip Recipes on Pinterest. See more ideas about recipes, cooking, chicken recipes

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Ik ben gaan experimenteren met kip en met succes. Vandaag een heerlijk pittig recept om zelf spicy chicken strips te maken Dip each chicken strip in the flour mixture, then in the egg mixture, then toss in the bread crumbs mixture. Place on the prepared baking sheet. Spray each of the chicken strips lightly with cooking spray. Bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, or until golden brown and cooked through. Serve with your favorite sauce

Bij Kentucky Fried Chicken laten ze de kip even in een drukfriteuse logeren, maar thuis kan dat prima in een normale frituurpan of een diepe braadpan met een flinke plens zonnebloemolie. Laat de kip voor het beste resultaat een minuut of 8 op een hoge stand of hoog vuur in de olie knetteren Verwarm de oven voor op 180 graden. Doe de bloem in een kom. Voeg alle kruiden toe en roer met een lepel goed om. Doe de (amandel)melk en het ei in een andere kom en kluts ze But usually, I just buy natural boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale, and slice them about 1/4 to 1/2-inch thick into strips. I often use the double dip technique, but these dairy-free pecan-crusted chicken strips add another element of crunch, flavor, and nutrition. You can bake them in the oven or your air fryer

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How do you know when chicken strips are done? Now if you don't have a thermometer, there are some signs that will tell you if chicken is properly cooked through. Chicken is done when the juices run clear when pierced with the tip of a paring or fork and the meat is no longer pink. Can you bake frozen chicken strips? Preheat oven to 375°F. 2 Chicken strips are ideal when you have very little time because they cook much faster than a whole chicken breast. Here chicken strips are baked in the oven in a cream sauce and topped with cheese. If you make this for guests, bake them in ramekins for a nicer presentation Having friends over to watch the game? Here's what to serve: Oven Baked Chicken Tenders. Boom! Your guests are going to love these. Gear:Le Creuset Double Bu.. Serve these delicious spicy and crispy oven fried chicken strips for an everyday meal with fries and a side vegetable. Or, double the recipe and make them for a game day snack or party. This easy recipe makes about 20 to 24 chicken strips, enough for a meal for four So this is how I make baked crumbed chicken. Baked breaded chicken - my way. Toast the breadcrumbs in the oven for just a few minutes. This is the path to truly golden, truly crunchy baked breaded chicken even with a short bake time (max 20 minutes for chicken tenders). PS Much MUCH easier than pan frying

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Only doing one or two chicken strips at a time, place them in the flour first until a light coating covers the chickens strips. Next, place them into the eggs, flipping them over a few times until the egg has coated the chicken strip. Let any excess egg drip off before transferring the chicken to the panko/Parmesan dish Preheat toaster oven to 450°. Line a toaster oven cookie sheet with foil, and spray with nonstick spray. Season the chicken however you'd like. Place on the foil-lined tray. Bake the chicken for 10 minutes, or until cooked all the way through. Mix the mustard and honey together until blended. Serve chicken with the honey mustard sauce for. Cut the chicken into thin strips of 1-2 cm thickness. Add the strips into a bowl, season with salt and pepper, and mix. Add thyme, the garlic finely chopped, the buttermilk, and mix. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 6-12 hours. For the breading. Preheat the oven to 220 ο C (430 ο F) set to fan Place on a greased baking sheet rack, spray with olive oil or other cooking spray and bake for 25 to 35 minutes until chicken is cooked through. For some added color (because we eat with our eyes first!), I garnished the tenders with some chopped cilantro and went to town. Healthy and crispy oven baked chicken tenders made right at home. Love it Crispy Strip: Gluten, Melk, Selderij, Soja, Sulfiet * ADH = Aanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid. ** Gebaseerd op vier mensen/vrienden die een bucket delen. De %'s ADH zijn gebaseerd op een dieet voor een volwassen vrouw van 2000 kCal per dag

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  1. Fried or Baked Crispy Chicken Strips creates moist tender chicken on the inside with an addictively crispy and flavorful coating. A healthier homemade dinner the whole family will love. This post may contain affiliate links which I earn a small portion in sales if a purchase is made. Rest assured though, it is never at any..
  2. Stoof circa 2 uur in de oven, of tot je de kip makkelijk uit elkaar kunt trekken. Afwerken. Haal de kippendijen uit de pan en trek het vlees met twee vorken uit elkaar. Meng de pulled chicken met 1 deel van de saus waarin de kip gestoofd is en 1 deel barbecuesaus, hoeveelheid naar eigen smaak te bepalen. Warm even door in een pan op laag vuur
  3. Preheat oven to 400º. Season chicken with salt and pepper, then pour ½ cup melted butter onto a rimmed sheet pan. Set aside. In a shallow dish, add remaining ¼ cup butter and hot sauce and stir.
  4. ute or two, but makes a SERIOUS difference
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  6. Krokante kipnuggets met Doritos. Heerlijke malse kipnuggets uit de oven met een krokant en smaakvol jasje van Doritos chips. Lekkerder wordt het niet snel zullen we maar zeggen . Voor deze krokante kipnuggets heb je maar 4 (!) ingrediënten nodig en ze zijn ook nog makkelijk om te maken

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Zelf Nachos met Pulled Chicken maken. Afgelopen zomer was ik helemaal in de ban van pulled chicken maken. Gelukkig kwamen hier mooie recepten uit voort zoals dit recept voor slowcooked pulled chicken uit de oven, maar ook deze Marokkaanse couscous met pulled chicken Preheat the oven to 425 F. Slice the chicken breasts into strips and season on both sides with salt and pepper. In one shallow bowl, whisk together the eggs and milk. Place the regular breadcrumbs in a second bowl and the panko breadcrumbs in a third bowl. 3. Working with one chicken strip at a time, dunk in the egg mixture, shaking off the. Verwarm de oven voor op 200 °C. Schil de aardappelen en snijd in plakjes. Kook de aardappelen 10 min. in water met zout en giet af. Rooster ondertussen het brood en verkruimel het boven een diep bord. Rasp de Parmezaanse kaas en voeg toe aan het brood. Klop in een ander diep bord het ei los met een vork. Doe de bloem in een derde bord

Buttermilk keeps the chicken strips moist and tender throughout the cooking process. Instead of buying buttermilk, place 1 tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice in a liquid measuring cup and add enough milk to measure 1 cup. Stir, then let stand for 5 minutes Oven baked and perfectly seasoned for that authentic 'fried chicken' flavor, they make ideal finger food and are suitable for a wide range of dietary needs. There's definitely a reason why Chicken Tenders are so popular with adults and children alike, and being on a keto diet needn't mean you can't enjoy that gorgeous flavor we all know and love Place as many strips in the basket as you can without overcrowding. Lightly mist the tops of the strips with cooking spray. Cook for 8 minutes. Flip strips over and lightly mist the tops with more cooking spray. Cook for 8 minutes more. Repeat with any remaining strips Extra Crunchy Baked Chicken Strips. Extra Crunchy Homemade Chicken Strips are such a fun and easy gluten-free meal that no one will know is gluten free. It's a super idea to have on hand to make for friends and family who are GF, or just to switch up your typical weeknight dinner roster I like to bake these parmesan chicken strips for two reasons. 1) It is healthier 2) It is easier. My two get hangry (so hungry that the lack of food causes them to become angry) around dinner time and I like to keep it stress-free. Placing the strips in the oven is much easier than standing over them when frying

Chicken strips never tasted so good! This baked chicken strips recipe is so finger lickin' good and so easy to make for a tasty meal, appetizer or finger food. Crispy Homemade Chicken Strips served with a creamy yogurt dip is a recipe you're going to love Cut each chicken breast into 2 inch strips. Dip each strip into the egg whites. Combine the cracker crumbs with the spices and cheese in a plastic bag. Add the chicken strips and shake to coat with the crumb mixture. Place the coated chicken strips on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes until golden Crispy Oven Baked BBQ Chicken Breast Strips Ingredients: · Foster Farms® Simply Raised Chicken Breast Strips · BBQ Potato Chips · ½ tsp. Garlic Powder · 1 egg · ¼ cup milk; Directions: Cut the Chicken Breast Strips in half, length wise to make them long and thin, sort of like chicken fingers Keto Chicken Tenders. Keto chicken tenders make a great dinner or lunch option. These low carb chicken tender are easy to prepare and taste amazing. You can't go wrong with this keto chicken recipe. This is a household favorite and kids go crazy for this low carb recipe. Crispy chicken tenders have never tasted so good

Happy 2011 everyone! These Crispy Baked Chicken Strips are very easy to make and taste great. This is a kid-perfect recipe that even adults will love! Buen provecho! Ingredients (4-6 servings) 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch strips 1/2 teaspoon onion powder 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin Salt and pepper [ Yes, you can air fry chicken strips even if they're frozen. This is good news if you often buy chicken strips in bulk and store them in the freezer. Air fried frozen chicken strips are as healthy as the oven-baked version because they use little to no oil in the recipe. But personally, I found the air fryer chicken strips to be more delicious Mmm een waanzinnig lekker broodje met sticky pulled chicken in barbecuesaus en coleslaw! Nu ik dit aan het schrijven ben krijg ik weer trek. Hier wíl je tanden gewoon inzetten

These Oven Baked Ranch Chicken Tenders are baked in the oven instead of fried. These chicken tenders are marinated with ranch dressing, giving this homemade chicken tender recipe incredible flavor! They're a total crowd pleaser. Save this recipe later! Chicken tenders were my meal of choice back in the day Wanpy Soft Oven-Roasted Chicken Jerky Strips 80 gr De Wanpy Soft Oven-Roasted Chicken Jerky Strips 80 gr kattensnack is een 100% natuurlijke, gezonde beloningssnack voor de kat, laag in vet en hoog in eiwit. Deze compacte kattensnacks zijn niet alleen heerlijk mals, maar ook nog eens gezond! Deze natuurlijke snacks zi

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Directions. PREHEAT oven to 375°F. Coat 9-by-13-inch baking dish with cooking spray. MIX in three separate bowls: - mix together flour, salt and pepper - beat together egg whites and milk- mix together cornflakes and cheese.. DIP chicken strips first into flour, then into egg white mixture, then into cornflake mixture, turning to coat. Place in baking dish Finally, coat the chicken in the panko. You're going to want to set up a system of one wet hand, one dry hand, or you're going to end up with a really messy hand. 5.) Place the chicken strips on a lightly greased baking sheet and place that baking sheet in the oven. 6.) Cook the chicken strips until they are done Note: To freeze, place uncooked, coated chicken strips on a baking sheet in the freezer. Once frozen, place strips in a zip-top plastic freezer bag, and freeze until ready to prepare. Bake frozen strips on a hot buttered jelly-roll pan (according to previous directions) at 425° for 35 minutes, turning after 25 minutes Oven-baked Parmesan Chicken Strips recipe: These are so fast and just plain delicious as either an entree or an appetizer. The aroma is just like pizza as they're baking, very tempting! They're nice with a marinara dipping sauce, but I actually like them plain, with garlic bread and a salad. And if you line your baking sheet with foil, clean-up is a snap

Crispy Chicken Tenders are a meal that the kids (and the adults) love! Juicy seasoned strips of white meat are breaded with panko and cornflakes for the ultimate crunch.. Healthier than deep fried with big flavor, these have a perfectly crispy crust that's great for dipping and dunking There are usually 4-5 chicken tenders per pound. If you rest the chicken after coating but before baking for 5-10 minutes, the coating will stick better. This will usually take about 16-18 minutes but will vary some by the thickness of the chicken and your oven. The endpoint of cooking is 165 degrees in the thickest part of the chicken. No a.

Are Chicken Strips, Chicken Tenders and Chicken Fritters All The Same Thing? Yes, they sure are! So this recipe works for all three of those things! How Do I Cook Chicken Strips from Frozen? Simply follow the recipe outlined in the recipe box below and you'll soon have hot, crispy delicious chicken strips on your plate and ready for snacking Wanpy soft oven-roasted chicken jerky strips. Bedden, manden en kussen

In onze webshop hebben wij produkten met zorg voor u geselecteerd. Wij verkopen o.a anti-trektuigen zoals Mazter Lead en originele U lead. We breidden elke keer weer een beetje uit en proberen ook bij de produkten zoveel mogelijk informatie te verstrekken over het gebruik er van, zodat uw huisdier optimaal van de produkten kan genieten. Dus neem regelmatig een bezoekje en blijf op de hoogte Start with the almond meal (press the chicken in the almond meal, so it will stick to it). Then coat it in the beaten egg and last cover it with the desiccated coconut. Once you have all the strips breaded, place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Place the tray in preheated oven on 200°C and bake the chicken for 25-30 minutes Heat oven to 230C/210C fan/gas 8. Tip the crumbs onto a large plate, then lift the chicken breasts from the buttermilk, and roll them in the crumbs, making sure they are coated evenly. STEP Coat the chicken strips in the flour, then in the eggs, then in the bread crumbs and place on a baking sheet. Cut the broccoli into florets. Preheat the oven to 375°F (190˚C) and line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper

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Homemade Oven Baked KFC Chicken: Meet Elyse Chatterton at Life Without Lemons. I first met Elyse Chatterton from Life Without Lemons when she presented at Eat Alberta in 2014. Elyse, you will discover, if you have not met her yet, is an exceptionally talented formidable force, to say the very least Oven-Fried Chicken Tenders coated with a crunchy Panko breading and baked in the oven until golden and crisp are the perfect, healthy alternative to fried chicken. You'll find the only thing that separates these baked tenders from fried chicken tenders is the calorie count, a large amount of grease, and the mess frying leaves behind From baked chicken rolls, chicken enchiladas, and Instant Pot lemon garlic chicken, I can't decide which would be my favorite recipe. This is definitely one of my top picks. My family loves all kinds of chicken recipes, but this crispy oven baked chicken is always their favorite Oven fried chicken you get from the fast food places is heavily seasoned, and you're going to miss that if you only add a pinch of this and a dash of that to your homemade one. 4 - Use the right pan: A black one! Do not be tempted to make oven fried chicken on a light pan, or even on a white enamel one

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Make the honey mustard sauce while the chicken strips cook in the oven. Your whole meal will be done in under 30 minutes! If you want to reheat these gluten free chicken strips, I'd recommend doing so in a toaster oven if you have one. Look at this looking for a fabulous homemade ketchup recipe. That would be delicious with these chicken strips After having this dinner, you'll be very pleased. Your family will be well fed, and you'll have only a few dishes to wash. Crispy Baked Cornflake Chicken Tenders are baked in the oven, which means no excess grease nor fats, and no splashing oils nor smelly kitchen from frying When all chicken is prepped, bake uncovered (on the middle rack of the oven) for 20 minutes or until a meat thermometer reads 165 degrees when inserted in the thickest part of the chicken breast. If strips aren't as golden as desired, reduce the bake time by one minute and broil on the middle rack of the oven for one minute Whether you want to bake the chicken strips in an oven then you have to preheat the oven at 400F. Then lightly greasing a cooking tray by spraying olive oil. You have to spray oil on the crumbed chicken tender then place it on the tray. Bake them for 6-8 minutes then flip over Dit recept voor pulled chicken op een broodje met koolsalade is écht verrukkelijk en een absolute aanrader! Je hebt wel wat meer tijd nodig om dit recept te maken, dus ik zou het zelf in het weekend maken. Zelf pulled chicken maken is niet moeilijk maar vergt dus wel wat meer tijd. Recept voor 2-3 personen Tijd: 15 min. + 1 uur in de oven

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1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Cut chicken into 3-by-3/4-inch strips. In a shallow dish, combine egg, honey, and mustard. In another dish, stir together cornflake crumbs and pepper. 2. Dip chicken strips into the egg mixture; roll in crumb mixture to coat. Arrange chicken strips on an ungreased baking sheet. 3 Highly recommended as well, this amazing flavorful chicken Francese recipe.. This amazingly tender and easy to put together crunchy chicken strips recipe is genius. If you are a long time reader, you may know of the oven baked crispy chicken tenders recipe that is living in my blog archive. It is by far, the most viewed chicken recipe in my blog, click here to check it out

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Cut chicken into 1-inch strips.In a medium bowl, 639.7mg sodium, 1371mg potassium, 34g carbohydrates, 11g fiber, 8.6g sugar, 37.9g protein Verwarm de oven voor op 200 graden en grill de hamburgerbroodjes even in de oven. Wanneer de broodjes lekker crispy zijn, leg dan wat pulled chicken op het broodje en beleg het broodje verder met bijvoorbeeld oma's zoetzure komkommer, onze zoetzure rode ui en gebakken uitjes Preheat oven to 400 F (200 C). Bake the chicken strips for 10 minutes per side, until golden and the internal temperature reaches 165 F. Since ovens are a lot bigger than an Air Fryer, it takes longer time to cook chicken fingers compared to Air Frying, but you will achieve a good effect Lay the coated strips on a cookie sheet lined with foil or parchment that has been oiled or sprayed with cooking spray. Drizzle the coated chicken with olive oil and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Turn chicken and return to oven, and bake until completely brown. The time will depend on the thickness of your strips. Mine took about 45 minutes total

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Baked Chicken Strips with Microwave Green Beans. Courtesy of the American Heart Association's Simple Cooking with Heart Program. Here's a healthy twist on a fast food favorite! Whole grains are hiding in these oven-baked chicken strips breaded with whole-wheat flour and oats, for a tasty crunch kids (and adults!) will love How to Cook Air Fried Frozen Breaded Chicken Strips. Pre-cooked breaded frozen chicken tenders are super easy to cook in the air fryer. They can go straight from the freezer to the air fryer and cooked in minutes. You don't need to spray the chicken because there's plenty already when it was pre-cooked

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We use chicken breasts cut into long strips, it cooks faster, but beware of overcooked rubbery chicken. Read on the tips below to know how to cook crunchy perfectly cooked chicken in oven. Pro Tip - I came across this tip from recipetineats spread panko bread crumbs on a sheet pan and toast for 3-4 minutes in the oven to get golden brown crumbs Conventional Oven: Preheat oven to 400°F. Place frozen strips in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake on middle oven rack for 11 to 13 minutes or until fully cooked. Carefully remove baking sheet from oven with oven mitts and let stand 2 minutes before serving. Check that product is cooked thoroughly

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In dit geval heb ik een hele kip gebruikt en daar kun je wel 8 broodjes pulled chicken van maken. Maar je kunt het ook van kipfilet of kippenpoten maken, deze zijn in 20 minuten wel klaar, ideaal bij acute trek. Een hele kip duurt wat langer, maar dan heb je ook meteen wat. Ook leuk om voor een feestje te maken Ingrediënten voor 8 st CRISPY OVEN-FRIED BUFFALO RANCH CHICKEN STRIPS the whole family will love! print recipe --> http://tidymom.net/2014/buffalo-ranch-chicken-strips Place the chicken strip on a tinfoil lined baking sheet sprayed with non stick spray. Continue with the rest of the chicken pieces. Place in the oven at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown and chicken is cooked through. Yum De kipnuggets worden niet gefrituurd maar in de oven bereid, hier door zijn ze veel minder vet. Maar echt niet minder lekker. Serveer de kip stukjes met ketchup of met een lekkere bbq saus. Ingrediënten voor 15 st 3 kipfilets 6 el bloem 2 eiwitten 3 handjes Panko (of paneermeel) Zeezout Chili vlokken. Zo maak je het Verwarm de oven alvast voor. Whether oven-baked, fried, grilled, or smothered in sauce, there is something nostalgic about tender, delicious strips of chicken. Make one of these recipes for a casual weeknight meal, or an irresistible snack, with our best, easy chicken tender recipes. 01 of 14

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Super eenvoudig om te maken en zo lekker dat je het iedere week wel op het menu zou willen zetten. Variëren op dit recept is ook heel makkelijk, neem eens een andere saus in plaats van de bbq-saus uit dit recept. Alhoewel ik wel moet zeggen dat dit onze favoriet is. Dit recept kan zowel in de oven als op de bbq Air Fryer Chicken Tenders are juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. They're kid friendly, Whole30, paleo, gluten and grain free. Make this recipe for healthy baked chicken strips in an air fryer or your oven. They have a beautiful golden color from turmeric, for an anti-inflammatory boost Cut potatoes into 1/2-inch-thick strips; place in large bowl. Add dressing and cheese; toss to coat. Spread onto large baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray Keto Chicken Tenders will be good in the refrigerator for a couple of days, making them perfect for a quick and tasty lunch! To reheat your Chicken Tenders, start by preheating your oven to 450-500 degrees. Wrap your chicken in foil and place onto a baking tray, leaving it out of the refrigerator until the Chicken Tenders reach room temperature If you don't have an air fryer, don't worry! You could also make these chicken strips in the oven. To do that simply place a cooling rack on top of a baking sheet and spray the rack with cooking spray. Lay the chicken strips in a single layer and bake at 425 until cooked through, 10 - 15 minutes, turning once

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